Single bottle bar butler single tot shot dispenser (wall mountable)

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Bar butler black and silver single tot shot dispenser for use on shelf or wall (25ml) Size: (40x1.5cm)

 - Hand pushing for easy use and control. Perfect dispenser for beverage, wine, beer or other liquid.

  • - Made with top-class plastic material. Non-toxic, hygienic and safe for DIY drinking.
  • - Sized perfectly to make one cocktail to dispenser for friends or family.
  • - Characteristic single-track sirsasana (head balance) design. More creative and interesting during use.

    Carton Details: LengthxWidthxHeight

    Carton Dimensions: (52x39x37cm)

    Carton Weight: 7.5kg

    Pieces Per Carton: 12pcs

    Branding Space: (15x15mm)

    Recommended Branding Option: Pad Print