Chrome and black non-slip space saver 5 tier trouser hanger

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Chrome and black space saver 5 tier trouser hanger

Offering the hanging capacity of four hangers in the space of one, this tiered hanger is a perfect solution for those pairs of slip-prone, hefty work jeans that always seem to fall to the ground or those collection of slacks and skirts you want in plain view without consuming too much closet space.

The bars are covered with a premium quality rubber, preventing even the sleekest pair of leggings from sliding off the hanger and making its way down the closet floor, while also protecting garments from unwanted creasing and snagging.

Specs and Features:

- 5 tier trousers hangers, each hanger at least holds / held up much jeans, scarfs or other clothes, strong bearing strength. Perfect for hanging your jeans, pants, towel, ties, scarf. etc.

- Each pants hanger had 4 arms can 300° swing out,which is convenient for getting pants on and off without mess up the rest.

- Made of high grade anti-rust stainless steel.

Dimensions 43x40.5x1.8cm 

Carton Details: LengthxWidthxHeight

Carton Dimensions: (44x42x10cm)

Carton Weight: 6.1kg

Pieces Per Carton: 12pcs