3 in 1 Wooden clothes brush, shoe horn and lint remover - Dark brown

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Dark brown with silver trim 3 in 1 Clothes Brushes Garment Care Clothes Brush and lint Remover - Lint Brush and Shoe Horn

 Features and specs:

  • Sturdy Construction: Made from solid wood, ergonomic handle on a solid hardwood base with a nice finish, reusable, made to last.
  • Clothes brush:Black soft bristles are the best because they are more gentle on fabrics, easy to remove the unsightly fuzz and pet hair adhered form cloths, jackets, dresses, pants and shirts.
  • Lint brush:1 side has black velvet,just need to simply stroke for removing dirt, dust, lint or pet hair from your garment, shoes and furniture.
  • Shoe horn: at the tip of the handle a shoehorn to help you or your kids ware shoes to a comfort fit

- Made from solid wood.

- Easy to use.

- Hand crafted with a smooth surface.

- Easy to carry for travel.