Natural wood face brush on a rope

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Natural wood face brush on a rope 014.5cm)

This dry brush for face is composed of a soft and powerful horsehair brush and a wooden handle.

The soft hair feels great and it can help the face perform deep cleansing.

The thick and soft bristles pair Details such as cheeks and eyelids can also be cleaned very well. The wooden handle is ergonomically designed, feels good, and is easy to hold.

This face wash brush set is a wood product, the brush is made of high quality wood and soft horsehair, wood products will inevitably carry a bit of wood smell, some people like this natural wood smell, but some people do not like it.

Therefore, in order to enhance the use of your product, before use, it is recommended to put in a ventilated and breathable place to disperse some odor.

Carton Details: LengthxWidthxHeight

Carton Dimensions: (53x48x24cm)

Carton Weight: 14kg

Pieces Per Carton: 300pcs