Newtons Cradle Pendulum Balance Balls, Swinging Balls with black wooden Base

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Newton's cradle with black wood base (7x8.5x1.5cm-base) (9.5cm-height)

NEWTON'S CRADLE: Watch as one balance ball on one end swings and strikes the other sending the one on the opposite end into the air while the ones in the middle stay perfectly still.

  • GREAT DESK DECORATION: This Newton's Cradle is a perfect decoration for desks and tables, whether at the office or at home. The newton pendulum cradle makes for a great office desktop toy.
  • EDUTAINMENT: Most of us, including kids or adults, love to play all kids of toys, but usually we will never think about why and how the toys work, so play is just play. By playing this newtons cradle balls, it will highly inspire us to better learn and understand the Newton's laws of motion
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: The cradle is made of durable stainless steel, the metal balls feature a reflective mirror finish and the base is made of wood. The build makes the pendulum

    Carton Details: LengthxWidthxHeight

    Carton Dimensions: (42x39x32cm)

    Carton Weight: 11kg

    Pieces Per Carton: 60pcs

    Branding Space: (50x20mm)

    Recommended Branding Option: Pad Print