Silver anti-theft hanger security ring

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silver anti-theft hanger security ring size 3.5cm

  • This is an Ideal anti-theft device for hotels, sports centres and fitting rooms.  Or anyone who needs to protect their hangers from casual theft
  • To fit our anti-theft metal security rings, first unscrew the hanging rail or pole. 
  • Simply slide the rings along the rail and then screw the rail back into position
  • Anti-theft hangers have a spike instead of a hook.  This fits neatly into the bottom of the hook.  Guests or customers can easily lift the hanger in and out of the ring.  So it’s a very accessible way of hanging and removing garments
  • However, there is no point in any guest or customer taking the hanger away with them when they leave.  That’s because they would need security rings in order to use them in a different location